John Hartley B-6 Children’s Centre

Our Children’s Centre brings together care, education, health and wellbeing services for young children aged from birth to eight years, as well as their families. Care commenced in our Childrens Centre in Term 2, 2011. Our centre aims to make it easier for parents and children to find the support they need, when they need it, within their local community.

Our centre recognises the vital importance of children and their families to our community. Families can access professional advice and support from experienced staff who have up-to-date knowledge about child development and learning, parenting, healthy living and family support.



Our services have the potential to change over time in response to community requirements. Currently we offer:

Playgroups are for young children from birth to four years of age. They provide a great opportunity for parents and children to socialise, share experiences and have fun. They also support parents, and our experienced staff can provide information about positive parenting.
Preschool programs
We provide a quality learning program that emphasises oral language development, communication skills, literacy and numeracy. Our staff include qualified teachers who support children’s learning in planned and informal ways using play-based problem-solving approaches.

Aboriginal children and children under the Guardianship of the Minister may start preschool at three years of age.

Specialist services

Our Children’s Centre will help link parents with practical services including baby and child health care programs, parenting advice (including nutrition, hygiene and play resources), family support, therapy services such as speech pathology and early childhood psychology, and early intervention programs. We can also offer support for parents who would like to participate.

Family and community programs

These programs link families through information, recreation and fun activities. Led by a coordinator, activities can bring together the whole community or be tailored to particular groups of parents such as new parents, those considering return to study or to join the workforce. Volunteers, parent, staff and community members work together to enrich these programs with their special talents and interests.