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Student behaviour

Our schools behaviour education policy has been developed in consultation with parents and the Governing Council. It is based on developing a success-oriented and caring learning environment to support students in understanding and accepting responsibility for their own behaviour.

Our School Counsellor and Leadership provides an effective range of preventative and intervention programs such as conflict resolution and peer relationship guidance. We require every staff member to uphold our anti-bullying policy. Our school also empowers our students to do the same.

Our experience in growing positive, respectful and supportive relationships between our students, teachers and parents, contributes to the success of our school rules and caring school environment. We have high expectations and we aim to achieve them.

Weather and sun protection

Generally the weather does not affect our activities at school as our classrooms are air conditioned for comfort in both hot and cold weather and the play areas are checked regularly to ensure they are safe in all conditions. On very hot days lessons may be modified to ensure student comfort. If it is 35 degrees or above, or wet, students play inside during breaks.

We have a ˜No Hat, No Play”  policy that is strictly supervised. All students must wear a hat at playtime and during outside lessons throughout term 1 and term 4. Hats need to be of the “legionnaire” style, bucket caps or wide brimmed as approved by the Anti-Cancer Foundation. (Baseball caps do not provide students with enough sun protection). School hats can be bought at The Uniform Shop. See front office staff for location of The Uniform Shop.

We ask parents to support the school in this policy and also encourage you to provide added protection for your child by applying sunscreen during the warmer months.

Accidents and first aid

All staff members hold current First Aid Certificates. First Aid will be given immediately to sick or injured students. Any treatment given to a student is recorded in the First Aid book. If an injury is serious or the student is distressed, we will contact parents. If further medical attention is required the appropriate procedures will be followed. Parents are responsible for the costs of treatment. In the event of a serious accident or severe illness we will not hesitate to call an ambulance.

Parents must complete a detailed information sheet about each child enrolled at the school. This allows us to act quickly and appropriately in an emergency. It is very important that this information is kept up to date at all times. Please notify us if there are any changes.

Anti-Bullying Policy

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