John Hartley School

About Us

Welcome to the John Hartley School, a co-educational school for children from birth to Year 7.

We provide the following services to the local community:

  • Child care - Commencing in Term 2, 2011
  • Playgroup
  • Preschool
  • Speech and Language Program
  • Junior Primary (Reception to Year 2)
  • Primary Years (Year 3 to Year 5)
  • Middle Years (Year 6 to Year 7)
  • Health and Family Services
  • Special Education Services

Leadership team

  • Principal: Jo Everett
  • Assistant Principal Primary: Ann Boyd
  • Assistant Principal Early Years: Dinah Huddy
  • Senior Leader Learning Technologies: Kate James
  • Senior Leader Mathematics: Jacqui Atyeo
  • Senior Leader Children's Centre: Angela Ricciardi
  • School Counsellor: Erica Teumohenga

Staff List

  • Early Years:
  • Mary Hookway Teacher – Preschool
    Anna Mavromihalis Teacher – Preschool
    Josephine Salandra (0.4) Teacher – Preschool Speech and Language
    Jayne Cole Teacher – Special Class
    Sharyn Williams  Teacher – Reception
    Jessica Foskett (term1&2) Teacher – Reception
    Kerryn Sayers (term3&4) Teacher – Reception
    Lauren Boyle Teacher – Reception
    Natasha Higgs Teacher – Reception
    Valarie Turner Teacher – Year 1
    Leeza Carr Teacher – Year 1
    Bec Murray(0.8) Teacher – Year 1
    Rebecca Richardson(0.2) Teacher – Year 1
    Olivia Victory Teacher – Year 1
    Rebecca Riley Teacher – Year 2
    Anita Stoll Teacher – Year 2
    Lexie Dewey Teacher – Year 2
    Anna Tsalamangos Teacher – Year 2
    Joanne Macheda Community Development Coordinator (Children’s Centre)
    Belinda Willmott  Family Services Coordinator
  • Primary Years:
    Mitha Chetty Teacher – Special Class
    Thai Loc Teacher – Year 3
    Zahn Jennings Teacher – Year 3
    Katie Mays (0.6) Teacher – Year 3
    Donna Dillon(0.4) Teacher – Year 3
    Christina Pires Teacher – Year 4
    Gemma Round Teacher – Year 4
    Jodie Window Teacher – Year 4
    Rhiannon Menadue Teacher – Year 5
    Bahareh Javidi Teacher – Year 5
    Laura Krauter Teacher – Year 5
    Jana Williams (0.4) Teacher – Year 6
    Michael Reichstein (0.6) Teacher – Year 6
    Nasim Mehrjerdi Teacher – Year 6
    Matthew Randell Teacher – Year 6
    Pam Warner Teacher – Year 7
    Rosa DeRuvo Teacher – Year 7
    Lynda Harvey AET (0.4) /Special Education (Junior Primary)-(0.6)
    Tanya Elliott NIT Teacher- Indonesian
    Danyella Singh NIT Teacher – Science (Junior Primary)(0.4)
    Lucy Mayne NIT Teacher – Science (Junior Primary/Year 3)
    Lisa Muldoon NIT Teacher (Reception The Arts)(0.6)
    Neelam Batra NIT Teacher – Science (Primary)
    Tim Rosenberg NIT Teacher – PE (Junior Primary)
    Michael Hill NIT Teacher – PE (Primary)
    Cathy Nguyen Special Education (Primary)(0.4)
    Andrea Nankivell Intervention (0.4)
    Kerrie Gower Intervention (0.4) term 4
    Marion Porublev Librarian & EALD Teacher
    Vijay Batra AET (0.6)/Special Education (Primary)(0.4)
    Support Staff:
  • Chantel Birkin Business Manager
    Tonia Beeching Admin/Secretarial Support
    Julia Dunn Admin Support
    Kelly Hansen Admin Support - Preschool
    Lynette Mullens Preschool Support
    Cherie Cork Preschool Support
    Melissa Schutt Preschool & Occasional Care Support
    Julie Connell Occasional Care Coordinator
    Katherine Siviour Primary Special Class Support (0.6)
    Carol Bryant Junior Primary Special Class Support
    MaryAnn Keenihan Primary Special Class Support (0.4)
    Elaine Mateer Student Support
    Stacey Challen Student Support
    Sandra Miettunen Student Support
    Karen Hooker Student Support
    Mandy Miettunen Student Support
    Troy Summers Student Support
    Cindy Harrowfield Student Support
    Karen Porter Student Support
    Paul Hunter Student Support
    Fiona Lockwood Aboriginal Community Education Officer
    Chrystal Newchurch Aboriginal Community Education Officer
    Letecia Hoare Library Support












School features

  • Three separate learning hubs or schools-within-schools to reduce transitions including:
    • Early Years (Birth to Year 2)
    • Primary Years (Year 3 to Year 5)
    • Middle Years (Year 6 to Year 7)
  • Laptop-interfaced interactive whiteboards
  • Computer (ICT) hubs networked throughout the school
  • Flexible spaces to cater for different ages and various group sizes
  • Stimulating and safe indoor and outdoor learning environments that support the social, emotional and learning needs of all children
  • Comfortable, secure and quiet indoor retreats
  • Environmentally sustainable heating and cooling initiatives including thermal chimneys for natural ventilation and skylights for natural light
  • Water harvesting for toilet flushing and grounds irrigation
  • Garden areas allocated for horticultural projects
  • Close proximity to local wetlands support the schools science focus
  • Extensive outdoor sporting and recreational areas with covered areas for shade and rain protection











By bringing together child care, preschool and primary school we provide opportunities to build a community that helps engage all students and recognises their different learning styles.
New learning spaces and advanced facilities that benefit students and engage staff.